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'''Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey''' (or '''JFJO''' or '''The Fred''') is an American Instrumental Music group started in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1994. The band has had 16 different members in 20 years and put out 25 albums under the leadership of keyboardist/composer Brian Haas. The current lineup is Haas on piano, Fender Rhodes and synthesizers, Josh Raymer (joined 2007) on drums and Chris Combs (composer)|Chris Combs (joined 2008) on electric guitar, lap steel, and synthesizer. JFJO's music is not easily categorized; although it is mostly in the jazz idiom, it draws from hip hop, funk and rock music. Critic Alex Henderson describes the band's music as a "mildly avant-garde blend of jazz, rock and funk [that] draws on a wide variety of influences... Often quirky, eccentric and abstract, JFJO favors an inside/outside approach but is usually more inside than outside.", while critic...
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